DV Cable

A frustrating experience…

If you work with video chances are you own a DV cable. I remember the first time I used my camcorder. I was so excited to see the results of my first home movie. Of course viewing it on the tiny camera screen was not so much fun. After I found the tv connection cable I was able to enjoy watching it in a bigger screen. The only problem was, the video I had made was incredibly long and boring. What was I thinking using up so much tape? I soon realized that I had to do some editing.

The instruction manual said that I needed a DV Cable in order to edit my video. Apparently you connect your camcorder to your computer by way of a dv cable. You are then able to transfer all of your video to your computer. The only problem was I didn’t have a DV cable. You wound think that the manufacturer would supply you with one when you get the camera. I soon realized that the only solution to the problem was to go out and buy one. First though, I went online to get a little more information.

Apparently FireWire is another name for a dv cable. It was invented by Apple and presented to the computer industry as the new IEEE 1394 serial bus interface standard. To be honest, all that technical information was of no real use to me. I just wanted to be able to get my home video onto my computer so I could edit it and maybe upload it to YouTube. Fast forward to the next day when I returned from the store with my new DV cable. Finally I could be done with this, or so I thought. To my horror, I could not find where to plug it into my PC. I found USB ports, but no firewire input. After doing some research I found that some computers do not have this type of connection, so it was back to the electronics shop. What I was looking for now was a FireWire card that I could install in my computer.

I was able to find one for pretty cheap. Installing it was also not as hard as I thought it would be. After I put my computer back together I the loaded the appropriate device driver. Once I restarted the computer I was ready to put my Dv cable to good use. I connected the small end to my camcorder and next attached the larger end to my new card. The computer instantly recognized my camera and I was soon prompted to transfer my video. Wow what a relief, It took 2 days to put all the pieces together.

It’s hard to believe sometimes that it takes so much effort to do something that seems so simple like making a video. Yesterday I finished editing my movie and uploaded it to YouTube. That part of it was easy. It didn’t take long at all before they processed it. I was then able to send a link to my friends. Overall I’m pretty happy with the outcome. The next video I shoot will be a lot easier to work with because I now have a very fast DV cable as well as a FireWire card.


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