What’s A DV Cable?

Do you really need a DV Cable?
I’ll try to answer that and also tell you where you can find one if needed. All computers come with USB ports, but not all of them have a dv cable connection. An IEEE1394 FireWire port is where you plug in your DV cable. A FireWire port is rectangular, but one of the short sides is rounded. It sort of looks like a tall skinny house with a pointy roof.

A DV Cable is mainly used for transferring video from your camera or camcorder to your PC or Mac. Another way to transfer video to you computer is via USB. However USB is much slower and some manufacturers don’t allow you the option of using one over the other.

Even if your camcorder came with a USB option, you still might be better off using a dv cable for working with your video. This is because video files can be enormous. Transferring your data to your computer using a USB cable could take forever. When I first bought a DV Cable for my computer, I was shocked at the price. It is possible however to find one online for much cheaper.

What if my computer doesn’t have FireWire?
If you don’t have a FireWire port on your computer you can always add one, then you can use a dv cable. If you have a desktop computer you will want to look for a FireWire card. They are fairly inexpensive- under $20.00 I believe. An add on card for a laptop may cost you a little more. If you are not familiar with working on computers, I suggest you take yours to a shop to have it installed for you.

If all you need is a DV cable, the best place to get one is probably Amazon. I’ve listed a few here that are specificaly for connecting your camcorder to your computer. It can beconfusing because there are many other types availible. Some are for conecting 2 computers together via dv cable. Some are not even used for camcorders at all. Just rememer that what you want is a DV Cable with 6 pins on one end and 4 pins on the other. Use the photo at the top of this website as a reference.

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