Anavar Muscle Gains The Ultimate Guide


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The Ultimate Guide to Anavar Anabolic Steroids

We’re going to talk about Anavar muscle gains but first I want to remind you I’m not a doctor. Anything that I teach you in this article is things that I’ve learned through my own research.

I am not telling you to buy Anavar! If you do purchase it and/or use it, that is completely up to you. What you do with this information is your own decision.

Anavar or Oxandrolone is a steroid that’s being talked about a lot. Nobody seems to know what it’s meant to do. It’s like it’s supposed to do everything! Give you strength, burn fat, make you happy & make lots of money etc…

Let’s look at the science for a second, Anavar was developed in the 60s. It was developed for people that had suffered weight loss from all kinds of diseases. It was also produced for those that suffered from osteoporosis and people that simply couldn’t develop physically.

So from there on it became widely used until the FDA tightened the grip on steroids. It has a c-17 alpha which makes it somewhat liver toxic but it has to have it. Otherwise, it would be destroyed in the liver.

It’s anabolic and the reading is quite high, it’s about 300 to 600 give or take a couple of numbers. Compared to testosterone, which is 100 so one would expect massive muscle gains.

Can Anavar Produce Muscle Gains?

Many bodybuilders like Anavar because it produces lean muscle gains with very little water retention. It also increases strength which is helpful when lifting weights.

Legal Anavar Muscle Gains

The profile of Anavar it’s pretty intriguing to a lot of people. It’s because it seems to defy the definition of limitations of oral steroids.

Anavar delivers clean strength to the muscle and is much safer than many other steroids. I’ve read on forums that you can get away with using more than advised however I would not recommend it.

Anavar is not a working steroid, it gives a good amount of lean muscle mass. It is very helpful with dieting because it keeps muscle mass on. It’s also very useful for people who want to gain strength without gaining mass. Swimmers and track-and-field athletes, people like that.
It’s a fantastic drug as is, it’s the only drug that is being used by women that is safe!

Are There Studies To Back Up Anavar Muscle Gains?

Anavar has been studied extensively. One study that I read about: Patients With 40 Percent Total Body Surface Area Burns was extremely interesting.

Anavar was used to help regain weight loss after surgery, severe trauma, chronic infections.

People that were treated did show faster healing. They also showed improved body composition, preserved muscle mass, reduced catabolism which could be expected.

They also had a shorter hospital stay time so no wonder it was a large interest for bodybuilders. This is just one study, I’m not telling you that Anavar is some great healing steroid.

Anavar is not this major healer but in this situation, with burn victims, it helped them.

Some self-proclaimed weight lifting gurus think that Anavar is overrated, I don’t think it’s overrated. Just because you don’t blow-up on it, does not make it a bad steroid. If you think that you don’t really understand steroids.

If you think that you have to blow up on every steroid you’re wrong. Not every steroid is intended for that purpose. You can’t deny that the muscle is amazing and it’s longer-lasting. It’s a lot easier to maintain after you finish using it. I’ll even say that there is a fat-burning benefit to it.

Let me make this very clear, though it’s not a weight-loss drug. There’s a difference between losing 20 and 30 pounds to having the ability to burn stubborn fat areas alright.

What is Anavar, where to get it and how to use it for bodybuilding?

So What does Anavar do? Many people claim that Anavar is just a fat burner. The truth is any steroid that builds muscles is indirectly a fat burner as well. It is a fat burner just like any other steroid can be.

“Anavar aids Fat loss and muscle growth”

When you gain lean muscle it will all, in turn, burn fat. Now you have to have your diet and training in check to get the best results out of it.

What does Anavar Do regarding Muscle Growth

You can’t pick up a bottle Anavar start taking it and turn into some ripped shredded beast in six weeks. People fall under that presumption that that’s gonna happen.

I’m telling you this because I don’t want people to be disappointed, have false hopes or wrong expectations. I want you to learn the exact way that these are supposed to be used. Learn what they’re used for so that you don’t have the wrong idea.

Anavar can certainly get you ripped when used correctly however we recommend using the legal alternative Var 10.

What is The Best Anavar Dosage For Mens Muscle Gains?

I want to talk about some dosing. I don’t recommend men to go over 60 milligrams per day. If you have quality Anavar there is no need to go any higher than that.

Anavar can help you to appear leaner because you’re gaining lean muscle and it’s a nice dry compound. Your muscles will likely seem more defined with Anavar they’ll have that hardening effect to them.

How Much Anavar Should I Take For Muscle Gains

There have been studies that have shown Anavar to reduce visceral fat in the stomach area. This works with a moderate exercise plan which I do agree with.

You’re still exercising and you’re still controlling your diet. You can’t just go out and eat fast food, that’s just, not how it works.

The best time to use Anavar is at the end of a cycle to polish it off! Give you that nice clean hardening effect when you’re done. I do agree with that as well.

Anavar Muscle Gains Cycle For Women?

Females can take Anavar, 10 milligrams a day is a really good starting point. I never recommend that females go over the 20mg per day mark. I also don’t recommend people exceeding six weeks per cycle.

Being that Anavar is a little bit milder than most, you could get away with maybe going eight weeks. I don’t like it, but being that it’s milder than all the other oral steroids out there. You could get away with that eight-week mark.

Anavar Muscle Gains For Women

The detection time is up for debate but from what I’ve seen and understood it’s three weeks. I would plan for four weeks just to be safe.

The half-life is around ten hours so you’re probably gonna want to dose it twice a day.

What Are The Side Effects of Anavar For Men & Women?

It’s not as harsh as Trenbolone! The side effects are really not that bad even if you do get them. There’s a massive amount of benefit that outweighs the side-effects too.

You gain muscle mass! It’s the one steroid where there’s some evidence that it burns fat. It directly targets lipolysis which is interesting because other cells don’t do that.

As a woman, if you’re taking Dianabol, youre looking at growing hair, getting a deeper voice etc… that’s a huge problem so for women. Stick to Anavar or the safe legal alternative called Winn-50.

let’s talk about the side effects of Anavar for men and Women. The reason Anavar is known as one of the safer steroids is that it’s less harsh on the liver. It is still harsh, it’s still a toxic oral steroid.

The side effects as usual with anabolic steroids can be harsh on the lipids. In the sense that it kills your healthy cholesterol. It is somewhat liver toxic and it suppresses testosterone.

I know, some people won’t believe me and you can read whatever you want. You can listen to people that don’t care about you to justify whatever they’re doing, it’s still toxic.

You can run it alone without boosting your testosterone levels but I would not recommend that. I don’t care for that, but you can and some people yes have been successful with it.

I don’t like it, but I’m not telling you that it’s not possible to be successful with it.

So that is Anavar in a nutshell, I just wanted to give you the full facts. Everything you needed to know.

Are There Any Legal Anavar Alternatives?

Winn-50 is a great legal Anavar alternative, it is used for the same outcomes as Anavar, cutting and fat loss. There are not many other Anavar alternatives that will work better than Winn-50 pills.

Anavar and Winstrol are very similar however Anavar in much weaker than Winn-50. So if you want a safe legal substitute then there you have it.



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