DV Cable Info

A DV cable is most commonly known by the name FireWire but is also known as iLink or IEEE1394. What is it for? Well, in short, a DV cable enables the rapid transfer of information from a camcorder to a computer, a digital video cassette recorder or even another camcorder.

Apple Computer Inc. developed FireWire which, under the patent number IEEE1394, was then taken up by the electronics industry to become the standard device for transfer. Just for identification purposes, iLink is the name given by Sony to their version of the same cable.

It was in 1995 that FireWire became the industry standard since when it has been developed to achieve high speeds when it comes to transfer currently able to do so at 800Mbps. Of course further development is under way and it’s muted that the speed will reach over 3Gbps, which is really quite staggering.

The actual DV cable is likely to be equipped with a 4 pin plug at one end, for connecting to your camcorder, and a 6 pin plug at the other end to connect to your computer. Most modern computers are built with this facility and of course all camcorders have the required socket.

What Does It All Mean To The Layman?

Quite a lot actually. Many of us today have a camcorder and filming particular occasions and events, or recording the development of our children say, well, this can be something really special. The use of a FireWire cable not only makes it possible for us to then watch the recordings on our desktop or laptop, it simplifies the entire procedure. And It’s fast!

Maybe you’d like to share the delights of your family or special event with the rest of the world, now you can, simply by uploading a version of the video, now stored on your computer, and sending it to YouTube for example.

And of course, if you have a commercial website then the advantages of being able to do all this assumes great significance. Whilst the written word cannot be replaced, promoting your product or service through the medium of video is very definitely the way to go.

Such is the speed and convenience of FireWire transfer that you could very quickly produce and distribute large numbers of videos on an ongoing basis. Such activity should result in a desirable outcome, backlinks, visitors and sales.

The point is you can do all this even if you’re not tech savvy. So, for layman and geek alike, the early and continued development of this technology has proved to be immensely important. It has very definitely increased the pleasure and enjoyment factor no end, irrespective of your skills level behind the camera.

What’s In Store?

At the moment the best way to transfer video footage from camcorder to computer and vice versa is with a DV cable or by FireWire. However, the next step in the advancement computers and of faster transfer rates for video may be just around the corner. One has to wonder what it will be called. Perhaps they will name it, FireWire 2 or how about USB 3.0?

Let’ s hope it continues to be easy to understand and use!